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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018
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Written by Mums NI on Thursday, 01 November 2018 Posted in: Mums NI Book Nook

November is here, which means the nights are getting darker earlier and it's time to snuggle up on the sofa with a  cup of hot chocolate and a good read. 

Come see what our resident book worm has recommended for you and your family for the month of November. In the line up, we have a great book which will help you build up your relationship with your children through daily conversations.

Read on to find out about the latest reads for November.

Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018
Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

That's Not My Llama

Author: Fiona Watt

Meet five adorable llamas in this exciting addition to the much-loved That's not my... series.

Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet llamas with tufty fur, shiny hooves and fuzzy noses. The bright pictures and textures to stroke are designed to help develop sensory and language awareness.  A must have for all those little curious book worms.

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

Peter Rabbit A Winter's Tale

Author: Beatrix Potter

A wintry tale based on Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mr Tod. This fresh imagining takes some of the most-loved Beatrix Potter characters on a seasonal adventure through a snowy forest.

In this tale of mischief and bravery, will Peter and Benjamin save the day - and manage to stay clear of the terrible Mr Tod?

A seasonal story that is perfect for a winter's night, in a beautifully-designed gift edition. This festive book is the perfect read for little ones this winter.

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti (Nothing To See Here Hotel)

Author: Steven Butler

Having just saved the hotel from a goblin prince, Frankie Banister and the guests are looking forward to enjoying themselves and celebrating the summer holiday of Trogmanay! But when a snow stormblows in (complete with Yeti family), and a number of mysterious guests arrive, something sinisterseems to be taking over the hotel and celebrating is the last thing on anyone’s mind…

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

The Ice Monster

Author: David Walliams

This is the story of a ten-year-old orphan and a 10,000-year-old mammoth…

Read all about it! Read all about it!


When Elsie, an orphan on the streets of Victorian London, hears about the mysterious Ice Monster – a woolly mammoth found at the North Pole – she’s determined to discover more…

A chance encounter brings Elsie face to face with the creature, and sparks the adventure of a lifetime – from London to the heart of the Arctic!

Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes in David Walliams’ biggest and most epic adventure yet!

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018


Grown Ups
Author: Stephen Fry

There are Heroes - and then there are Greek Heroes.

Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming vengeful gods, quite as stylishly and triumphantly as Greek heroes.

In this companion to his bestselling Mythos, Stephen Fry brilliantly retells these dramatic, funny, tragic and timeless tales. Join Jason aboard the Argo as he quests for the Golden Fleece. See Atalanta - who was raised by bears - outrun any man before being tricked with golden apples. Witness wily Oedipus solve the riddle of the Sphinx and discover how Bellerophon captures the winged horse Pegasus to help him slay the monster Chimera.

Filled with white-knuckle chases and battles, impossible puzzles and riddles, acts of base cowardice and real bravery, not to mention murders and selfless sacrifices, Heroes is the story of what we mortals are truly capable of - at our worst and our very best.

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

The List That Changed My Life

Grown Ups
Author: Olivia Beirne

Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Katie Marsh and Marian Keyes, Olivia Beirne's The List That Changed My Life takes its readers on an hilarious and heart-warming journey of a lifetime, showing us what it means to really be alive.

Georgia loves wine, reality TV and sitting on the sofa after work. She does not love heights, looking at her bank account, going on dates, or activities that involve a sports bra. And she will never, ever take a risk.

That is, until her braver, bolder, big sister finds out that she won't be able to tick off the things she wanted to do before turning thirty, and turns to Georgia to help her finish her list.

With the birthday just months away, Georgia suddenly has a deadline to learn to grab life with both hands. Could she be brave enough to take the leap, for her sister?

And how might her own life change if she did?

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Mums NI Book Nook - November 2018

The Parenting Project

Grown Ups
Author: Amy Alamar & Kristine Schlichting

In a world full of many influences, The Parenting Project shows you how, through the practice of daily conversation, to maintain influence in your child's life.

Are you losing the influence game with your children? If you want to direct your child's growth, then they need to get to know you. In The Parenting Project, parenting experts Dr. Amy Alamar and Dr. Kristine Schlichting show you how to talk with your children on a regular basis to gain their trust. In a time when kids have many things vying for their attention, you want to become the go-to person, the one they turn to the most for advice and comfort. 

Sometimes it's difficult to speak with your children about serious subjects. That's why The Parenting Project teaches you how to make a habit of it, providing you with prompts to help start potentially difficult conversations across a broad range of subjects that apply to everyday life. The authors have divided these conversations into five categories to inform your approach—Heart-based, Uncomfortable, Dangerous, Character, and Brave—because each type requires different strategies and "conversation starters." The book includes story after story of how parents have built extraordinary relationships with kids through the act of talking with one another, day by day.

With some help from Dr. Alamar and Dr. Schlichting, it will be become easier to open up conversations with (rather than at) your children so that when the big questions arise, your child will turn to you first.

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