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Our Perfect Christmas Eve, Mums NI Style

Our Perfect Christmas Eve, Mums NI Style

Our Perfect Christmas Eve, Mums NI Style
Mums NI
Written by Mums NI on Friday, 21 December 2018 Posted in: It's Christmas

Christmas Eve is a real magical time in our house. I’d even go as far as saying it’s better than the big day itself. Over the years we have created some family traditions which will stay with us and hopefully be used by our children with their own families in years to come.


Our Perfect Christmas Eve, Mums NI Style

On the night that we put our Christmas Decorations up, the first weekend in December, we are visited by two wonderful little souls - Twinkle Toes and Jingles. They are two beautiful Elves sent by Santa to help our children enjoy the festive season by bringing with them some lovely personalised decorations that we use throughout December. They bring a chalkboard to write the days until Santa visits, a family Christmas Stories book which we read from each night before bed and a plaque that we hang on the tree with a tag for each child to write their wish list. They also have personalised behaviour cards from The North Pole Behaviour Department which they use along with gold chocolate coins. So far, I am pleased to say, the children have received mainly green cards, with the odd yellow or red!

Now that you’ve been introduced to Twinkle Toes and Jingles, I’ll get straight to Christmas Eve. The first step to preparing our Christmas Eve is to sort out our family Christmas Eve box. We picked up a delightful Christmas Toy Chest from Matalan a few years ago which we use. Mid November, I’ll shop for festive pyjamas and slippers for each of us, trying my best to get matching ones if I can. I make hot chocolate cones, which are just cone bags with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows tied with pretty ribbon. I buy large marshmallows and half dip them in chocolate and cover with sprinkles. A few days before Christmas Eve I assemble the box with the pyjamas and slippers, hot chocolate cones, dipped marshmallows, the Snowman DVD, a zippy bag with oats, a bag of popcorn and a tube of smarties. Oh! And not forgetting a personalised ‘you’re on the Nice List’ certificate for each child from Rascal Prints & Embroidery. I put a big red pull bow on top and that’s it ready.

Any chores that need to be done on the run up to Christmas Eve are completed the day before which leaves Christmas Eve free to do as we please, usually we play a few games or do an art craft or whatever the wee ones want to be doing. My Husband prepares the Turkey early afternoon time, just after lunch. The smell wafts through the house all day, it’s truly delicious, the real scent of Christmas. When the late afternoon draws near, we take a walk to our local park to get the little ones some fresh air. When we return home, our Yankee Candle Christmas Eve candle is lit and our front door is locked! It’s time for a light dinner, usually pizza and chips. Just before I sit down to eat my dinner, I sneak the Christmas Eve box into the living room and place the Elves, Twinkle Toe and Jingles, on top of it with a note thanking our family for looking after them. After dinner, we let the children go into the living room first to “discover” the gift from the Elves. This is alway a joyous experience.

After taking some time to go through the box to see what has been gifted, it’s time for bubble bath and showers all round. We all get into our brand new festive pyjamas and make our way downstairs to the living room. The Husband sets up the DVD while I make the hot chocolates (complete with cream and sprinkles) and get the treats sorted out. We all sit snuggled on the sofa with our hot drink and sweets watching the Snowman. The children do not budge! After the Snowman, we put on the personalised Santa videos from PNP. These videos are amazing and I thoroughly recommend that you use them.

After everything has been drank, ate and watched we let the children sprinkle the oats out on the front garden to light the way for the reindeer. Back inside, the children leave out a glass of milk and chocolate biscuits for Santa and a carrot sliced up into 9 equal pieces for each of the reindeer. We make a point of getting a snuggly photo by the tree at this stage with said goodies beside the little ones. They take their wish lists off the tree and replace them with their certificates. They kiss Twinkle Toes and Jingles goodbye as they will be returning home to the North Pole with Santa.

Then it’s off to bed. We aim to have them both in bed by 8:00 pm. Of course the youngest is none the wiser and drifts off as he usually does. The older one, with the excitement hanging out of her in anticipation of the big man's arrival, is more of a challenge. She calls down the stairs for us to “get to bed otherwise he won’t come”. She needs “another drink because she’s too hot”. “Is that footsteps on the roof?”. “What if Santa forgets where we live?”. She needs “another drink and another wee”. And on it goes.

When she eventually does drift off the fun begins. I drink the milk and eat and we share the biscuits. The carrot slices are returned to the fridge to be used for the Christmas Day dinner. I leave one slice and break it up into little crumbs and leave them on the plate. We then bring the presents downstairs and arrange them in front of the tree - a box each with a corresponding personalised initial tag hanging on the front. I then get my Husbands boots and sprinkle talc on them and bang them on the floor beside the fireplace to make ‘snowy’ footprints towards the tree.

We box away Twinkle Toes and Jingles along with the family Christmas Stories book, the Snowman DVD, the chalkboard countdown, the christmas wish list decoration along with all the North Pole Behaviour Department cards. They all go back to the North Pole until the Elves return again the following year.

Then we sit on the sofa. We look around at our achievement and hi-five each other. Another successful Christmas Eve completed with wonderful memories made. We have a little alcoholic drink and head off to bed to await the madness that is Christmas Day!

We hope Christmas Eve is as magical in your house as it in ours. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the Mums NI Team xx

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