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Personalised Phone Calls from Santa

Personalised Phone Calls from Santa

Personalised Phone Calls from Santa
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Written by Mums NI on Friday, 30 November 2018 Posted in: It's Christmas

As the start of December approaches, many people turn their attention to the Christmas holidays. You’ll notice Christmas trees going up in your neighbourhood. You’ll hear the catchy jingly tunes in the shopping centres. You’ll definitely see Santa and his helpers in various locations. You will smell a wonderful cinnamony aroma wherever you go. And you will also most certainly hear these words from many an adult “Behave, Santa is watching!

Personalised Phone Calls from Santa

For many children, the excitement of Christmas and all it’s visual clues is enough to send them that little bit hyper which has resulted in some parents resorting to using elves who sit on the shelf and report back to Santa the behaviour of each child. Santa updates his Naughty or Nice list accordingly. Effectively, parents are making a spy out of the elf.

But imagine how wonderful it would be if you were able to receive a personalised phone call from Santa to either remind your child to behave, or, to praise your child for all their hard work. In this scenario, you would be relieving the elf from being a little tell tale and making their presence more enjoyable. Afterall, Santa IS magic and can see and hear all things good and bad.

Yes, there are plenty of apps out there where you can get a generic “personalised” phone call or a facetime from Santa . . .  but are they truly personal? Does Santa actually say enough to make it believable? In any of the apps that we’ve watched, the conversation between the child and Santa doesn’t really sync up. Sometimes the child will ask a question and it appears that Santa has ignored it and carries on with his script. Or Santa will ask something and the child responds in detail with Santa talking over the top of them.

So, how do we get around this? Easy! Mums NI have been using a tried and tested method for a load of years now without any slip ups. Here’s how you do it:

  • Ask a male relative to be Santa. We use Granda. His name is changed on one of our phones to Santa Claus and his photo is updated with a beautiful image of Santa.
  • Ask a female relative to be an Elf. We use Granny. Her name is changed on the same phone to Holly Elf and her photo is updated with a cute image of an Elf.
  • Prearrange with either Santa or Elf the time of phone calls. They will already know what the child has been up to so they can totally personalise the phone call with relevant details.

Can you picture the excitement on your Child’s face when Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to phone your child? Magical.

Now think of all the good behaviour they will display if they get a warning phone call from an Elf. Ahh bliss!

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