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Families in crisis at Christmas

Families in crisis at Christmas

Families in crisis at Christmas
Moira Leheny
Written by Moira Leheny on Wednesday, 05 December 2018 Posted in: For Mum

The festive season is not always a time of celebration for families in crisis and on the brink of a relationship breakdown or marriage split. Research has shown that the stress of trying to have the perfect “chocolate box” Christmas when you are simply no longer happy in your relationship can bring the end of a relationship to a head.  Increased time spent under one roof coupled with greater alcohol consumption mean Christmas can be a time when strained; difficult or abusive relationships collapse completely.

Families in crisis at Christmas

The New Year is traditionally a time for reflection on personal happiness, often through new resolutions and hopes of fresh beginnings.  We want to make positive changes to our lives. Due to these factors January is usually the busiest time for Divorce Lawyers or Family Law Solicitors whose services are called upon by people in crisis.  January 8th 2018 was dubbed “Divorce Day” according an article in The Independent, because of a spike in the numbers of couples considering ending their marriage after the festive period. Children too can become the unintended victims and are frequently used as pawns in custody and financial battles. They sadly witness domestic abuse and violence.  

I specialise as a Divorce and Family Law Solicitor at Hool Law, Belfast and offer a free consultation or discussion on any of these issues.

I have specialised in this field for over fifteen years and I can help you to seek a solution quickly and as early as possible. If Court is the only option I will act to remove any of the stress this brings.  I am also an accredited member of the Law Society of Northern Irelands’ Children Order Panel.

For FREE and confidential advice on Divorce, Separation, Financial matters, Matrimonial assets, Child Contact or Residence, Grandparents Rights, Surrogacy, Adoption or Social Services involvement in your family contact Moira Leheny, Solicitor, Hool Law, 14-17 Chichester Street, Belfast BT1 4JB.

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