Premvember Baby Safe Skincare Advice from Joanna Gardiner of Elave Skincare - Mums NI - A Hub For Parents in Northern Ireland

Premvember Baby Safe Skincare Advice from Joanna Gardiner of Elave Skincare

Premvember Baby Safe Skincare Advice from Joanna Gardiner of Elave Skincare

Premvember Baby Safe Skincare Advice from Joanna Gardiner of Elave Skincare
Joanna Gardiner
Written by Joanna Gardiner on Monday, 22 October 2018 Posted in: Kids Health

TinyLife is marking its 30th anniversary and once again raising awareness and funding for Northern Ireland’s premature babies during Premvember.

Elave Baby, the charity’s only Approved By skincare range, is delighted to be supporting that effort through our new partnership.

The Gardiner family’s apothecary skincare creams, now produced in Co Louth, were created in Newry over 80 years ago by my grandfather, Joseph.

TinyLife is a busy charity - every day in Northern Ireland six babies come into the world too soon, some arriving as early as 24 weeks and weighing as little as 1lb. That is 1,800 premature babies born every year!

Premvember Baby Safe Skincare Advice from Joanna Gardiner of Elave Skincare

Two generations ago, only 3% of babies born on this island developed eczema – today the figure is 25%.  What is going on - is there something in the water?

Medical experts say yes, there literally is, and baby skin is especially vulnerable to the many harsh chemicals to which we expose our skin.

As mums, we all want the very best for our children, but it is often difficult to decipher from all the packaging and labelling and marketing whether what we use is safe for sensitive skin.

Parents of premature babies are already experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety and trauma, so the last thing they need to worry about on top of that is what they are putting on their child’s skin.

The truth is that many products are full of nasty synthetic ingredients that cause redness, itchiness and discomfort to delicate skin, resulting in red patches, typically on the face, inside of the arms and backs of the knees.

When skin is dry and damaged its barrier function is reduced and a flare up can happen at any time, anywhere on the body.

Common allergens such as animal hair, pollen, preservatives, sulfates, soaps etc in cosmetic products trigger allergic inflammatory action.  Dry skin is also more vulnerable to a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus.

Currently, there is no cure for eczema.  We don’t have a pill, vaccine, diet or supplementation that works to eradicate it.  However, we do have effective, safe methods which help to control eczema.

So what can you do to protect vulnerable baby skin and prevent a mild attack becoming much worse?

  • A head to toe regime is essential. You can use all the moisturiser in the world, but if you’re shampooing and washing in sulfates, your eczema will continue to wreak havoc.  Elave Baby’s Ecocert organic product range is free from common irritants like sulfates, parabens, alcohol, scents, colours, formaldehyde, lanolin, MIs etc.
  • Never wash with anything that contains soap, which strips the skin of its natural oils.  In normal skin these oils are replaced naturally within 5-6 hours, but in dry skin this may never happen leaving the skin dry and open to triggers.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!  Do it three times daily with a heavy hitting cream with active ingredients like fractionated coconut oil that hydrate the skin barrier and are easy to apply.
  • Topical steroids have had a bad rap over the years, but Dermatologists prescribe them as the primary treatment for eczema which is flared.  They are safe to use as long as they are prescribed and monitored by medical staff.

We will be working closely with TinyLife during Premvember, when people are invited to support the charity by arranging a Tea Party at their home or workplace, or an event or their choice.

Fundraisers can register and request a fundraising pack with downloadable invites, bunting, posters etc at

Events to celebrate #Premvember include a Family Fun Day at Mossley Mill on World Prematurity Day (17th Nov) and an 80s Tribute Band in David Lloyd Clubs, Belfast (30th Nov).

The TinyLife 30th celebrations will conclude next Spring with an Anniversary Pearl Ball sponsored by Kennys, Elave Baby and Malone Lodge Hotel, Belfast.

* Ask for Elave Baby products at your local pharmacy or purchase online at The product range includes cream, shampoo, baby bath, lotion and suncare. £1 from every Baby Essentials Pack purchased goes to TinyLife. To find out more about Premvember, click on

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