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The Benefits of Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage

The Benefits of Baby Massage
Karen McLean
Written by Karen McLean on Friday, 12 May 2017 Posted in: Kids Health

Baby massage plays a vital role in the enhancement of bonding and attachment between parent and baby.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

The benefits of baby massage are endless, it is far more than a luxurious, sensual experience, and rather it is the tool for maintaining your child’s personal well-being on so many levels. Parents gain a sense of security and satisfaction, in knowing they have the ability to do something positive for their baby and also gain a positive response back from their baby.

Even without conscious awareness, a mother will usually begin massaging their baby, ever so gently, not long after birth. This is all part of the bonding process, whereby the mother wishes to get to know their child using all of their senses.

The art of infant massage encourages you as the parent to connect with your baby on many levels so that you can understand your baby's non-verbal language and respond with love and respectful listening.

Baby massage plays a vital role in the enhancement of bonding and attachment between parent and baby.

A little about Giggles and Jiggles

Giggles and Jiggles offers quality baby massage via:

Group programmes, 1-1 private bookings and Family & friends bookings.

Group programmes are kept to a maximum of 8, thus ensuring parents are not overwhelmed with joining a huge group for the first time. Friendships are quickly formed and a supportive environment evolves as parents become confident to share their parenting experiences, but more importantly each week they learn how to massage their baby, identify positive cues, understand and respond to these and fully engage in the bonding process, so that by the end of the course, they have learnt a lifelong skill that will support their child's continuing development.

Parents are provided with oil, parents handbooks, certificate and graduation ceremony. A follow-on programme was then created called Wiggles and Wriggles. This is a more active programme involving massage, yoga, singing, sensory play, art, music and so much more. 

There are also beautiful keepsakes to bring home created by the parents and babies.

The natural progression from baby massage to Wiggles and Wriggles means that parents are confident as they tend to know the parents in their group and are therefore relaxed and keen to get a catch-up and the babies love to see their little friends again! 

Giggles and Jiggles further evolved with the introduction of soft play equipment suitable for the under 5s. 

3 packages are available:

Baby bear, Mummy bear, Daddy bear

Starting from £80. These packages can also be provided with a facilitated programme. This is the perfect way to cater for your little one's needs whether a special occasion, mums and toddlers groups, one-off events or any other group you may be running. By the end of the booking, you can be certain your little one will be tired out!

Giggles and Jiggles commenced in May 2015 and has continued to grow. I have been a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) qualified through the International Association of Infant Massage from 2010.

My passion for all things babies and working with families is my driving force and is paramount in all that I do, to provide quality services throughout Northern Ireland. So why not get in touch to find out more and be part of the Giggles and Jiggles experience!

More details can be obtained by contacting Karen at:


* Gift vouchers and baby gift boxes also available.

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