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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019
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Welcome to the Halloween edititon of Mums NI Book Nook where you will find spooktacular reads for the whole family to enjoy during the ghoulishly frightening Halloween season. We even have book to help those of you raising a teen - nothing is more scarier than that!

Read on to find out more, if you dare!

Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019
Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Baby Touch and Feel - Halloween

0 - 2 years
Author: DK Children

"Peekaboo!" It's Halloween - don't be scared.

Look for a jack-o'-lantern with a bumpy carved face, a furry black kitten, a pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket, and so much more! Come and join the Halloween fun with the latest spooky surprise from the award-winning Baby Touch and Feel series.

Twinkly, bumpy, scaly, silky and sticky textures in a chunky package; perfect for encouraging tiny fingers to explore and tiny minds to develop.

The perfect first book to share with baby at Halloween.

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Topsy & Tim Halloween Party

3 - 5 years
Author: Jean Adamson & Gareth Adamson

Celebrate Halloween with Topsy and Tim.

Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In Halloween Party, join the twins as they help deocorate their house, make pumpkin lanterns and play all sorts of spooky games at their very own Halloween party.

A trusted and well-loved pair who can help guide parents and children through 'first experiences', Topsy and Tim books have been beautifully updated with contemporary artwork. Topsy & Tim remain instantly recognizable to parents while in a fresh style that will appeal to a new generation of fans.

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Dog Diaries - Curse Of The Mystery Mutt

6 - 8 years
Author: Steven Butler & James Patterson


Something terrible is going on, my person-pal! Something so DREADFUL, it’s enough to curl your tail with TERROR (if you have one, of course)...

A spine-jangling HOWLING has been heard in the middle of the night, favorite toys have been STOLEN, trash bags have been SHREDDED and all the best pee-spots have been RE-SCENTED!

It must have something to do with the NIGHT OF THE HOWLY WIENER, which is only days away…

Can I find the evil mastermind who is TERRIER-izing our town?!

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Tom Gates: Spectacular School Trip (Really...)

9 - 11 years
Author: Liz Pichon

Tom's doing everything possible to stay out of trouble but somehow he's got THREE sad faces on the school achievement chart!

And getting another sad face means Mr Fullerman won't let him go on the SCHOOL TRIP!

Moany Marcus Meldrew is making things worse and now Tom has annoyed his grumpy sister Delia.

Can his best friend Derek help?

Will Rooster the dog stop eating his homework?

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Rules For Vanishing

Young Adult
Author: Kate Alice Marshall

Do you want to play the game?

Once a year, a road appears in the woods at midnight and the ghost of Lucy Gallows beckons, inviting those who are brave enough to play her game. If you win, you escape with your life. But if you lose...

It's almost a year since Becca went missing. Everyone else has given up searching for her, but her sister, Sara, knows she disappeared while looking for Lucy Gallows. Determined to find her, Sara and her closest friends enter the woods. But something more sinister than ghosts lurks on the road, and not everyone will survive.

Stranger Things meets The Blair Witch Project in this gripping ghost thriller, perfect for fans of Michelle Harrison, Lauren James and Frances Hardinge.

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

Rewrite The Stars

Grown Ups
Author: Emma Heatherington

A stunning Christmas romance by local author Emma Heatherington for fans of One Day in December and Jojo Moyes

From the moment they meet one December day there’s something between Charlotte Taylor and her brother’s best friend, Tom Farley. But Tom’s already taken and Charlie has to let him go…

It’s another five years before their paths cross again only a secret from the past forces Charlie to make a choice. She promises herself she’ll never look back…

The years pass and Charlie moves on with her life but she can never forget Tom. He’s always there whispering ‘What if?’.

Can Charlie leave the life she has built for one last chance with Tom?  Or is the one that got away not really the one at all…?

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019


Grown Ups
Author: Lois Murphy

A gripping literary horror novel about the death of a haunted town, for fans of Richard Matheson. Winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Horror, shortlisted for the Colin Roderick Award.

On winter solstice, the birds disappeared, and the mist arrived.

The inhabitants of Nebulah quickly learn not to venture out after dark. But it is hard to stay indoors: cabin fever sets in, and the mist can be beguiling, too.

Eventually only six remain. Like the rest of the townspeople, Pete has nowhere else to go. After he rescues a stranded psychic from a terrible fate, he's given a warning: he will be dead by solstice unless he leaves town – soon.

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Mums NI Book Nook - October 2019

How To Grow A Grown Up

Grown Ups
Author: Dominique Thompson & Fabienne Vailes

Whether you have a teen who is struggling with exam pressure, a young adult who hasn’t settled into university life or you are curious about what lies ahead for your younger child, How to Grow a Grown Up will help you to build your child's confidence and resilience - so they can become a strong, happy and independent adult.

We’re fast approaching the 3rd decade of the 21st century and it’s a very different world from the one in which parents (and teachers) grew up in. Challenging issues have come together – including cyber bullying, ‘always-on’ culture and ever increasing pressure to do well – to create a perfect storm. The result is that teenagers and young adults are now less prepared for a more challenging world – and if they don’t develop the skills they need to help them thrive they can become easy prey to mental health problems.

In this book Dr Dominique Thompson, the UK’s leading GP on student mental health and educational expert Fabienne Vailes, reveal what exactly parents need to do to help teenagers and young adults in this new world – and how to manage problems along the way. It includes:

*An overview of the pressures and problems facing this generation of young people - why are they increasingly stressed, anxious or suffering from mental health issues

*What exactly parents can do to help their teens and young adults become healthily independent, navigate challenges and flourish in preparation for adult life

*How pastoral care at universities and workplaces is changing, and what a parent’s role could and should be

*Ways to recognise the signs of mental health distress and what to do about it, particularly dealing with problems from a distance

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We hope you've enjoyed this months selections. If you've read any of them, let us know in the comments.

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