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Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa
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Written by Mums NI on Monday, 17 December 2018 Posted in: Mums NI Chats With

This December, 10 lucky boys and girls from the Mums NI Community got to ask Santa some magical questions. The Mums NI Team presented Santa with the questions and he was more than happy to answer them.

We are so delighted that Santa has taken some time out of his busy schedule to take part in this very festive "Mums NI Chats With . . ."

Santa wanted all the little boys and girls to know that he is really looking forward to delivering the toys this year to Northern Ireland. He can't wait to drop by Streamvale Open Farm, Todds Leap, Hillmount Garden Centre and lots of other places to thank all the reindeer for their hard work during the run up to Christmas. He will bring them some magical carrots to enjoy.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: How old are you? (Ethan, aged 8, Carryduff)

Hello Ethan. This is a very tricky question. With each year that passes I keep losing track of what my age is as I'm so busy thinking up new toys for all the boys and girls. Mrs Claus keeps me informed though and tells me that I am now 1,748 years old. That does seems rather old, but for us Elves, that's still quite young.

Mrs Claus loves to bake me my favourite birthday cake each year which is a vanilla cookie flavoured sponge with cherry frosting on top. Delicious! I'm sure you could just imagine all the candles I have to blow out!

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: Do you have any children? (Molly, aged 7, Killyclogher)

Hello Molly. Yes, Mrs Claus and I do have children. They are all grown up now and have little families of their own, which means we are also Grandparents. Some of them live here in the North Pole and help run the toy workshop and the candy cane factory. A few of them are living all over the world, spreading joy and cheer wherever they go.

My Sons look just like me, so if you think you spot me out and about where you live, say in that lovely cake shop Truly Scrumptious or even the Spar on Old Mountfield Road, it could well be one of them.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: What is your favourite cookie? (Brendan Og, aged 8, Belfast)

Hello Brendan Og. My favourite cookies are the round ones. Ho Ho Ho!! I love all cookies - chocolate chip, chocolate dipped, triple choc-chip, raisin and oatmeal, cinnamon spiced, pecan and syrup, walnut and date, white chocolate and cranberry . . . all of them. Any cookie at all. Mrs Claus thinks that I need to go on a diet so that I can make room for all the delicious cookies all the little boys and girls will leave out for me on Christmas Eve. I think she might be right!

Thank you for your triple choc-chip cookies last year. I shared one with Rudolph and he really enjoyed it. 

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: How many Elves do you have working for you? (Callum, aged 9, Hamiltonsbawn)

Hello Callum. Oh the Elves don't work for me, they work with me. We are one big Elf Team working together to ensure that Christmas runs as smoothly as possible. There are so many of us, it's difficult to keep track of exactly how many of us there are, but I think we are now totalling around 85 thousand Elves. Mrs Claus would have a better idea of the figures, but that one seems just about right.

There are Elves in the Design Studio making up ideas for new toys, which are passed on to the Elves in the Toy Workshop who build the toys, who then pass them on to the Elves in the Paint Workshop where they get painted. They are then passed on to the Quality Control room where the Elves there test the toys to make sure they are working properly then the Elves from the Wrapping Station take them to be wrapped. That's just one section of the operation.

We have more Elves working in the North Pole Behaviour Department who keep an eye on the behaviour of all the little boys and girls. This is how the Naughty and Nice lists are made. Thankfully, there's very little names on the Naughty list right now.

Then, there's Elves who work in the Home Visits team. These Elves have been chosen to stay with families all over the world during the build up to Christmas. They come in various shapes and sizes and can quite often be very mischevious. I've heard of them playing tricks on families while they are in bed sleeping. Nice tricks though, funny ones. They report back to me how the little boys and girls are behaving.

There are many many many more departments filled with Elves. Far too many to write about. But we are all kept very busy and thoroughly enjoy our work. Mrs Claus keeps us on the right track and makes us plenty of cookies and buns and even sings to us down a big speaker as we work. She is just so magical. We couldn't do our work without her - she knows everything.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: How are you in all of the shopping centres at the same time? (Sarah-Jane, aged 9, Lisburn)

Hello Sarah-Jane. I thought you might ask that question, you are very inquisitive! Keep it up little one, that's how you will continue to learn and grow your brain.

As I was telling Callum in the previous question, there are lots and lots of Elves who work together to make Christmas happen. Now, in order for all the boys and girls to get a magical visit with Santa, we have to send the Elves from the LookaLike Department, all over the world dressed like me so that you can all have your photo taken with Santa (an Elf who looks just like me). Some of these wonderful Elves are my Sons and some are my Brothers. You see, if I had to go to all the shopping centres myself, I would be far too tired to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve.

But please don't worry about this. The Elves will still take note of your wish list and let me know the information. That happens instantly, as soon as your visit is over. If you look closely into the eyes of that particular Santa, you will see a little sparkle. That's your wish arriving with me.

Sometimes, just for fun, I will show up in a shopping centre and be there for a little while seeing all the boys and girls. Some parents and quite often the children, will recognise me as the Real Santa. So keep your eyes opened and on the lookout for me, you'll know me by my big laugh!

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: I don't have a chimney, how do you get into my house? (Mark, aged 6, Larne)

Hello Mark. That is a good question. I visit lots of homes that don't have a chimney and I am sure those little boys and girls are also wondering how I get into their homes. The answer is quite simply: magic!

Sometimes when I arrive at homes that do have chimneys, they quite often still have the fire lit. To make sure I don't get burned, I just use my magic. I do quite enjoy climbing down a chimney and getting my suit all dirty. It's great fun. But I also love the tingle the magic gives me when I can't go down a chimney or it the home doesn't have one. I just have to twitch my nose and just like that I'm beside the Christmas tree ready to leave the presents. The magic sometimes makes me sneeze which shakes some snow off my boots.

No matter what sort of home you have, I will always be able to get in to leave the presents. It's magic.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: Can you bring me a pet? I've been really good. (Hannah, aged 10, Derry)

Hello Hannah. Oh I know you have been an excellent girl this year and have been trying really hard at school. Well done you. You should be so proud of yourself with your achievements.

Unfortunately, I do not bring real live pets to any little boy or girl, anywhere. I can however, bring interactive toy pets such Little Live Pets mice, birds, ladybugs etc or hatchibabies/hatchimals, furreal dogs, bears, dinosaurs and L.O.L. interactive pets. This year, quite a lot of little boys and girls have been asking for a Scruff a Luv.

If you would like something that's on the toy list, please do let me know in your letter and I will do my very best to arrange that for you. If you are indeed still looking to have a real live pet for Christmas, you will need to ask your parents. Please remember that a pet is for life and needs a lot of looking after. It's a big responsibility.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: Do all reindeers fly? (Olivia, aged 8, Lurgan)

Hello Olivia. Now, while all reindeers are magificent animals, not all of them can fly. In fact only 9 of them are strong enough to do the job on Christmas Eve.

These 9 reindeer are called: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.

As you know, Rudolph has a bright red nose and guides the way, so Rudolph is always up at front. The rest are paired in twos behind. The fastest reindeer is Dasher, he flies alongside the strongest reindeer, Comet. The twins, Prancer and Dancer, fly side-by-side with elegance and grace. The motherly Donner and her brave Husband Blitzen fly together and keep the other reindeers in check. If the team become tired, these two reindeers encourage everyone to continue on. The final two are Cupid and Vixen, who are madly in love with each other. All together, these 9 reindeer make the perfect team.

During the year, the reindeer feed on a combination of the magical carrots, oats and mushrooms that grow only near my home in the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, I know you leave out carrots beside my cookies and milk for the reindeers. I just sprinkle a little Elfin Dust over them and it's enough magic to keep the reindeers going. It's that easy. The reindeers say thank you for the carrots by the way, they really enjoy them. Oh, and thank you for leaving the oats outside your door, it helps to guide the way to your house. Remember, there's no need for the glitter as Rudolph's nose is bright enough to see the oats.

We have tried to give the other reindeers some of this magical food in the hopes that they too could fly. But, unfortunately it just doesn't work. I'm sure you will agree though, my dream team of 9 reindeers do an excellent job. They haven't let me down once.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: How do you deliver all the presents in one night? (Eoin, aged 5, Carryduff)

Hello Eoin. Your question is quite possibly the most difficult one to answer, but I'll try my best to keep it nice and easy. It is quite simply a very easy thing for me to do as I have the gift of magic.

I basically start off at Australia when it's coming close to midnight. Everybody is asleep - children, parents, grandparents, pets, EVERYONE. I then freeze time at 5 minutes to midnight without any of them knowing (as they are asleep dreaming of all the lovely things Christmas day brings), then I deliver the presents.

I keep moving across the world just as everyone is falling asleep and do the same thing over and over again. It takes just a wink of an eye and the magic happens.

Sometimes, when I know a child is awake, I go to the next house. I will only come back and deliver the presents when everyone is sleeping. There is no point in trying to stay awake to catch a glimpse of me. . . I won't be caught. However, some lucky people have some how managed to capture me on film in their home without me even knowing until the next day.

So, while Christmas Eve may feel like a very long time for you, for me it's quick like a flash. I hope that helps you understand how I can deliver all the toys in one night. I'm magic.

Oh, and while I'm here answering your question Eoin, I just want to say a big Happy Birthday to you for New Years Day. I understand you will be a big 6 year old. I hope you and your family have a lovely day and that you get to eat lots of birthday cake. 

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Q: Why do you leave presents in Paul's kitchen and mine under the tree? (Daniel, aged 7, Kilkeel)

Hello Daniel. Well now . . . this has made me giggle a little bit. Ho Ho Ho!! Sometimes, I like to play little tricks on people and leave presents somewhere they least expect to find them them, like a treasure hunt. I am a little bit mischevious as I am an Elf afterall. More often than not though, I will leave the Christmas presents underneath or close by the Christmas tree. Other times I will be a little bit silly and hide special ones inside the Christmas tree branches.

However, sometimes some family homes have a small livingroom. In that case I will leave the presents in either a bigger room, usually the kitchen, or on the odd occasion in the bedrooms of each child. That however, is very rare. I try my best to keep to the livingroom and kitchen.

In the case of your friend Paul, his Mummy told me that the family prefer their Christmas gifts to be left in the kitchen so that they can be opened while they are all eating their special Christmas breakfast. That is a lovely family tradition that they all enjoy.

Mums NI Chats With . . . Santa

Thank you Boys and Girls for all your lovely questions.

This time next week it will be Christmas Eve, so you only have a little while left to wait. Please make sure you spend this week being extra nice to spread lots of Christmas cheer! Also, do keep those bedrooms clean and help out around the house with the chores this week. 

Now, on Christmas Eve I want you all to make me a promise to go to bed on time and fall fast asleep. I can't deliver the presents if you stay awake. 

Well now, as you know there is a lot of work to be done here in the North Pole, so I must dash and help out otherwise we will be behind on the schedule.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!


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