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Mums NI Loves - April 2019

Mums NI Loves - April 2019

 Mums NI Loves - April 2019
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Written by Mums NI on Monday, 08 April 2019 Posted in: Mums NI Loves

This April, the Mums NI Team are still welcoming the colours and smells of Spring and looking forward to the Easter Celebrations.

Here are our 5 most loved items for April.

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 Mums NI Loves - April 2019
 Mums NI Loves - April 2019

NYX #thisiseverything Lip Balm


This lip balm is our new fav! We have been using it for the past 3 weeks to treat very dry lips caused by the air conditioning from the car. Used as a night treatment it works it's magic through the night leaving you with super soft lips in the morning. We have also been using it during the day under lip gloss. It feels non greasy and smooth, is subtly tinted a lovely pinky colour and has a vanilla-cherry fragrance.

The Mums NI Team give this a big thumbs up, truly #thisiseverything lip balm does exactly what it says on the tin!

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 Mums NI Loves - April 2019

L'Oreal Revitalift Red Cream


We are totally loving this updated L'Oreal Revitalift moisturiser - Red Cream. It's infused with red gingseng which leaves the skin with a healthy glow. It's pigmented red but blends in with any skin tone. The fragrance is heavenly. We have been using this for roughly 4 weeks now and have noticed an improvement with overall skin tone and a reduction in fine lines around the eyes. It seems to be lasting quite a while as you only really need a small amount. It's on offer at the moment in Boots so we have stocked up.

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 Mums NI Loves - April 2019

Zoflora Hello Spring


Ahhhh "Hello Spring" from Zoflora, while not a new fragrance, is definitely one of our favourites for the Spring/Early Summer. It has been making the house smell so fresh! It's not an over powering scent, just light and airy like a spring rain shower. Delightful. Awaken your senses with the delicately fragranced disenfectant. We got ours at Sainsburys in Sprucefield.

 Mums NI Loves - April 2019

Bunny Utensil Pot


We thought this brightly coloured bunny utensil pot was adorable. It's sure to add a splash of sunniness to any kitchen this Spring/Summer. We will be using this cheerful pot for fresh flower arrangements rather than utensils though and it will fit perfectly in our yellow and grey combo kitchen.  Next have a whole range of bunny themed kitchen accessories, which I'm sure you will agree are mega cute.

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 Mums NI Loves - April 2019

Bunny Brooch

Dolly Dolally

What can we say about Dolly Dolally? Wow!

We have been following this extremely talented company based in Whiteabbey on Instagram and Facebook for a while now. Lynne creates out of this world crafts from reclaimed wood and recycled paper. With each new piece that is showcased on her social media feeds, we are blown away by the utter cuteness of the creations. The Bunny Brooches are just too much for us! As are the personalised Dinosaur creme egg holders.  

We do recommend that if you wish to purchase any of Lynne's items for Easter gifts that you get in quick!

Offering an array of gifts from seasonal decorations, to personalised wooden gifts, you'll find something for every occasion at Dolly Dolally! We love love love it all!!

Find out more:

Facebook     Instagram

We hope you enjoyed reading the April Mums NI Loves.


The Mums NI Team!

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