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Mums NI Reviews - GBBO Imelda's Traditional Shallow Plate Apple Pie

Mums NI Reviews - GBBO Imelda's Traditional Shallow Plate Apple Pie

Mums NI Reviews - GBBO Imelda's Traditional Shallow Plate Apple Pie
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Written by Mums NI on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 Posted in: Mums NI Reviews

The Autumn is well and truly here. And with that comes the great tv programmes. I’m sure that many of you, like the Mums NI Team, are nestled down on a Tuesday evening to drool over the wonderful delight that is the Great British Bake Off (#GBBO).

Mums NI Reviews - GBBO Imelda's Traditional Shallow Plate Apple Pie

After it was revealed in August that Imelda McCarron from Tyrone was going to be one of the 2018 Contestants we just knew we were going to be rooting for her. Week one of the show and her warm Northern Irish charm was plain to see, Imelda was not only there for the challenge but was also up for the craic. We were really looking forward to watching her progress over the weeks and cheering her on.

Sadly, as you all know, this wasn’t to be. Imelda was out in the first week which we were rather disappointed about as after looking through her instagram feed, her potential is there to be seen. If it had have been cake week first, as per previous years, we believe Imelda would still be gracing our screens. The girl has got some serious talent! Honestly, go check it out, keep an eye out for the Dave Minion Cake - it’s our fav! Paul and Prue, we hope you realise that you’ve made a mistake.

Imelda posted a photo to her instagram feed for Jo Brand’s Extra Slice show. We did lick our screens, for what she shared was a traditional apple pie. It looked rather delicious. It looked homely. From there, we reached out and ask Imelda if she would be interested in sharing her recipe recipe with the Mums NI Community and she took us up on our offer, which we were over the moon with.

We promised Imelda that we would try her recipe out and give her feedback. As some of you know, Stephanie from the Mums NI Team has a background of being a hobby baker. However, she has never attempted an apple pie/tart like this before. So this was all new to us.

We found the recipe easy to follow with Imelda guiding us through each step effortlessly. If you follow the steps as outlined, you too will be able to perfect this bake. We used a stand mixer which helped making the pastry an easier task. Be prepared for your house smelling like Christmas as when you are stewing the apples with the sugar and cinnamon, the undeniable aroma of Christmas seeps into the air. We loved it! We used a shallow dinner plate as suggested in Imelda’s recipe to make it traditional, just as she intended. Our plate is now no longer known as a dinner plate, but rather the apple tart plate.

The outcome was a deliciously rustic shallow plate apple pie which tasted unbelievable. We won’t lie, it didn’t hang about too long. It was totally devoured! Not even a crumb was left. We have a feeling that this recipe will be our go to Halloween Apple Tart (minus the cinnamon and addition of coins wrapped in baking paper) and our Christmas Apple Pie (addition of cinnamon and some sultanas).

All in, the Mums NI Team feel that this is a great family recipe. We are so thankful that Imelda was kind enough to share it with us.  

If you decide to make this recipe, please do share your photos with us, we’d love to see them! Here’s ours:

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