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Mums NI Reviews Lego Unikitty

Mums NI Reviews Lego Unikitty

Mums NI Reviews Lego Unikitty
Mums NI
Written by Mums NI on Sunday, 22 July 2018 Posted in: Mums NI Reviews

Let me start by saying that we knew absolutely nothing about Unikitty. Zilch. Zero. Nadda. That is until one Saturday we went to our local Tesco store to do our weekly shop. The usual procedure of getting the car parked, enticing the 3 year old to sit in the trolly with a tube of smarties and promising the 8 year old she could get a donut were all in order. Now we could shop, in peace. We needn’t have bothered with such sugary promises for lo and behold, Tesco had a massive “LEGO UNIKITTY, NEW ONLY FOR TESCO” sign in the first isle.  

Mums NI Reviews Lego Unikitty

Brightly coloured cardboard characters beckoned our 3 and 8 year olds towards the display unit where we found a multitude of rainbow colour themed boxes depicting some sort of a unicorn-kitten hybrid animal.  At first glance I thought: “Eurgh tack! They just have to stick a unicorn on front of things and people will buy it!”. At first glance our kids both exclaimed: “Unicorns!!! Kittens!! Unicorn-Kittens!!! Awwww aren’t they cute? Can we have one? Ohhhh I love this one!!”.  They fell in LOVE! The 3 year old held up a box costing £40 asking “this one, please? ” while the 8 year old held up a more modestly priced box for £13 asking “can we have this one, paaaaleeeeeesssseeeeee, we will share it?”.

We took a look at all the boxes to see what they were. The set at £40 was actually a Lego Creative Brick Box with a Unikingdom build, there seemed to be a lot going on in that set to be able to build a little city and some characters. The next set at £35 was Dr Fox Laboratory, which also seemed to be a decent build with lots of characters. Then we looked at the £30 set which was a party time themed set, again, it looked decent enough too. The one at £13 was a Unikitty Cloud Cart build. Basically it was a little vehicle for the Unikitty character. We weren’t overly impressed with that one as it seemed to not match the price for what it was. Then there they were, the blind bags. It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing blind bags. As a rule, our two have never asked for them, but when we saw these we thought we would give them a try to check out the quality before committing to buying an actual set.

They got to choose a blind bag each and clutched onto their little bags of treasure for the whole duration of the shopping trip. Excitement was hanging out of them. They didn’t even want their promised sweet treats. Upon arriving home, they both bolted to the kitchen table and waited patiently for scissors to get the packs opened.  

The blind bags cost £3.50 each. As they are new, they are on series one with 12 characters to collect. The first bag to be opened was by the 8 year old. She already has Lego Friends sets so she knows how Lego works. Out popped a little bag with a handful of green bricks. She got straight on to the build and was delighted to get, what she called “vomit Unikitty”. She ticked off her character on the enclosed sheet, there were no names so we didn’t know what this particular one was called, but she does have the expression that she’s going to throw up. Then we opened the 3 year olds bag. He does love Lego but hasn’t got to grips with how it works, so the 8 year old built it for him. Out popped the bag which had teal and lime bricks. We searched on the sheet for this character to find that it wasn’t a unicorn-kitty, but a puppy-unicorn. Again, we didn’t know this characters name, so we just named it uni-puppy.

The builds themselves were quick and simple to do. You get a cloud base to build on and then look at the picture on the sheet to see how to construct your character, which consists of feet/legs, body, tail, neck, blocks for mouth, face and eyebrows, little ears and a cute unicorn horn. Once you’ve built your little characters, you have some excess pieces to fall back on incase you lose any. I have to admit, they are adorable and I no longer see them as tack.

It was interesting to see how they both reacted to their first blind bags. They really enjoyed the anticipation of who was going to be inside. We now buy them a Unikitty blind bag when we go shopping as a reward for being well behaved during the week and it works! They have built up a lovely little collection with no duplicates, yet. The 3 year old loves them as much as the 8 year old and they spend a lot of time playing together going on little adventures around the house and garden with them. I will eventually buy them a bigger set, maybe the £40 box set as it seems to be the best value for money. I know people say that Lego is so expensive, which it is, but with the price comes a lot of game play and there is no dispute about the quality. We’ve had a few cheaper priced generic block sets before, which have been binned as they don’t live up to Lego.

Since buying into the UniKitty craze, we have now learned a little bit about her. She was a character in the Lego Movie, which we didn’t get to watch, but we’ve read up on her.  We now know her as the Princess of Unikingdom and it’s her duty to make sure all the people in the land are happy. Her brother is Prince Puppycorn, who she is very protective over. Although Unikitty is full of endless happy energy, she is also has anger issues which she finds difficult to deal with. There is a series of cartoons on Cartoon Network, should you want to watch some episodes - we haven’t had the chance to see any yet. So, we now know that the blind bag characters are going to be either Unikitty or Puppycorn, with various expressions and outfits.

If your child is a fan of this show then we recommend the blind bags and sets for sure. If like us you know nothing about it, we recommend getting the blind bags to see how your child reacts to them before shelling out for any of the sets.

Right, I’m away to help Unikitty and Puppycorn rid Unikingdom of any negativity - keeping it real folks, keeping it real!

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