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Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art
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Written by Mums NI on Tuesday, 04 June 2019 Posted in: Take Over Tuesday

Today's Take Over Tuesday is brought to you by the extremely talented Jacqueline of Jacqueline Rooney Art.

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art
Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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Good morning lovely mums

My name is Jacqueline Rooney and I’m an artist based in Rostrevor, Co.Down. I'm a 41 year old mother of 2 beautiful boys-Finn (3) and Evan (2) and wife to an ever supportive husband!

For as long as I could hold a pencil I was drawing everything I saw around me which lead me to complete my degree in Fine Art and Education (quite) a few years ago!

Throughout my career as head of Art in a busy secondary school my yearning to paint never left me and having my two sons made me re-evaluate everything! So I took the leap of faith and left my secure teaching job to pursue my ultimate dream to be a full time professional artist!

My art has been described as vibrant, emotive and uplifting and my passion for Art and Interiors is evident in so much of my work. I love to advise clients on the best piece of my Art to compliment and complete their home.

If I can continue to make people smile through my work then I’ll be eternally happy!

Feel free to visit my website; www.jacquelinerooney.com

You can also view my work in:

Made in Mourne
Painted Earth
Studio Souk
Yard Gallery
Carlingford Design House

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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Sometimes a photo captures a moment that says it all!

It’s amazing how much our little ones pick up on isn’t it? My boys love that mummy is an “artist” and I have easels set up in each of their rooms to encourage them to “create” as much as possible ...here I caught them being inspired by the view from their window and it just melted my heart!

My very reason for everything I do right here!

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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Art and Interiors.

I just wanted to share some tips on Art & Interiors with you all...The beauty of Art and interior design is there are no rules!

  • Art can hang anywhere in your house!
  • It can be used to brighten up a space.
  • A painting can add a splash of colour to a neutral scheme.
  • It can provide the wow factor in a room.
  • It can transport the viewer to a place or memory dear to them.
  • It can lift your mood and mind.

children respond to art with such joy! (This is my eldest, Finn taking impromptu photos of my work in Meala in Belfast)

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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When choosing a piece of art for your home these are a few things to consider:

  • choose a piece that evokes a memory or emotion
  • look at the space you want to fill for the size and dimension of the painting
  • consider the colours in your room
  • pick artwork that complements a colour from a piece of furniture or item in your home
  • choose a painting that will make you smile for years to come

I love to advise clients on these and other factors when they want to invest in my paintings.

Buying Art is such a special and rewarding experience and the right choice should brighten your home and heart for years to come.

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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When it comes to Art our children are experts. They have no inhibitions, they chose the brightest colours and use the broadest brushstrokes. Filling the entire page is their goal!

My boys just love creating- I try to encourage this as much as I can. We set up the easels in different parts of the house and they just get into the zone immediately.

We hang their masterpieces where all can see and alternate them when we can! They just beam with pride and it’s so rewarding to see their smiles as they create.

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

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Hanging paintings.

You’ve chosen a painting or paintings you love and now you need to find the perfect spot for it!

Here are a few quick tips to consider:

  • Choose a space that will showcase it perfectly.
  • Consider the background/wall colour for your painting.
  • Hang your art at eye level.
  • Create a gallery wall mixing photos & paintings if you prefer.
  • Hang art in odd numbers (3, 5 etc ) as demonstrated in my photo.
  • Arrange framed art on a floating shelf or table top for a less formal effect.

Above all just enjoy having Art in your home.

Take Over Tuesday - Jacqueline Rooney Art

Post 7

Thank you so much for sharing my Take Over Tuesday with me.

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel truly and utterly blessed to have my health and family and be able to live the life I love.

I’ll leave with this little quote “ life is Art, live yours in colour “

You can check out Jacqueline Rooney Art here

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