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Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn
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Written by Mums NI on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 Posted in: Take Over Tuesday
Today's Take Over Tuesday is brought to you by Sonia from Moo Music Lisburn who provide musical movement classes for children aged 0 - 5 years and their carers.
Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn
Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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Good morning!

I'm Sonia, owner of Moo Music Lisburn.

I'm looking forward to sharing some info about our music & movement classes, and I'll also be sharing some of the activities I use to help me entertain my 3 year old at home.

In the meantime, you can find plenty of photos of some of the activities we get up too in our classes in Lisburn if you visit our Facebook page Moo Music Lisburn


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With over 125 original songs, we have a song for almost everything at Moo Music!

Adults love the music just as much as the children (don't pretend you don't sing the Tidy Up song as you tidy up or the Bathtime song when it's bathtime ).

You'll find a small selection of Moo Music songs on Youtube if you don't yet have any of the CDs

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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Ten Minute Tea Break Activity!

This is a very simple and quick to invent activity that can buy you enough time for a tea or coffee while it's still hot.

Depending on the age of the child/children either draw or write a list of things for them to find. You can set the boundaries as to where they can source the objects (toy box, bedroom, whole house, garden etc.)

Creating the list together will make it more appealing (for preschoolers you can simply ask them to name a colour, choose big or small, long or short etc).

Here's one we made a few months back:

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Moo Music classes are currently running in various locations throughout NI and ROI.

To find your nearest class head on over to the website where you'll find a Moo Map and more info on what our classes are all about.

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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Bye-Bye Box!

We do this once or twice a month to get rid of broken toys (and McDonald's toys!)

The idea is for your little one to go in search of toys and things that are broken and then put them into their "Bye-Bye Box".

We use a shoebox that my little one decorated with paint, stickers and glitter glue (anything that makes a mess ). When we have finished collecting things for the box we leave it in a special place and then the "fairy of broken toys" comes and empties the box (to make special things in fairy land) and leaves a chocolate coin or a treat in the box as a thank you. You can, of course, invent your own story or way of emptying the box.

The idea of the treat at the end is to encourage independence and let your little ones do the finding for themselves. However, I recommend supervision if you don't want any of your own precious things to end up in the box.

Deflated balloons, marker lids, dried up pens, broken crayons, headless or limbless figures are some of the regular bits we end up with.

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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What do we do at Moo Music Lisburn?

A little bit of everything:

Role Play
Imaginative Play
Dress up
Educational Activities
Making Friends

Here's a little glimpse of some of the things we get up to:

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Outdoor Fun!

We started doing this when my little one was 2, and now we've upgraded to wooden tools, thanks Santa!

Tonight we have small plastic tubs filled with water, leaves and petals in the freezer (his choice), and sometimes plain old ice cubes do the job.

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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New Sessions Coming Soon!

Keep your eye on our Facebook page for more details regarding our Ballynahinch and Saintfield classes coming later this year.

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

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Moo Music Lisburn will be running classes all summer in Lisburn and Temple!

A discounted summer pass will be available to book soon, and we will still be offering PAYG spaces.

Take Over Tuesday - Moo Music Lisburn

Post 10

That's it from me today folks!

A huge THANK YOU to Mums NI for allowing me to steal their page for a day.

And thank you for taking the time to read and interact with my posts.


You can check out Moo Music Lisburn here.

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