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International Speakers To Speak In Belfast At Social Media Conference

International Speakers To Speak In Belfast At Social Media Conference

International Speakers To Speak In Belfast At Social Media Conference
Mums NI
Written by Mums NI on Friday, 21 February 2020 Posted in: News

The 2020 OnlyJustMedia Summit will see 11 national and international speakers reveal the secrets of success on social media in today’s increasingly crowded online marketplace.

On February 29 at Belfast’s Odyssey delegates will hear inspirational content professionals from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the USA on how to accomplish more across the many platforms now available.

International Speakers To Speak In Belfast At Social Media Conference

Lucy McMullan, owner of OnlyJustMedia, who organises the conference alongside event co-founder Alan Walace said this was the biggest summit they have staged and promises to provide more than just an educational day.

“In 2018 we not only sold out the event in a few weeks, but created a huge buzz from local attendees and our international speakers,” she said. 

“This year is not only 10x bigger but will have more opportunities to learn, be inspired and have fun."

“Delegates will hear how to build a social media community, influencing and impacting your audience, the secrets of making more of Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn content, as well as storytelling, brand building, visual marketing and more.”

Headline sponsor Pete Lonton of the Fire In The Belly podcast series says "I had to back the OnlyJustMedia Summit. The event showcases everything I stand for." Pete is an entrepreneur, mentor, coach and property investor whose mission it is to help others find their potential and become the mightiest version of themselves. Pete's podcast launches on spotify, itunes and other platforms on Monday 24th February.

From New York, Adrian Vasquez, Creative Director for Million Dollar Listing star Ryan Serhant will explain How to Build a Brand that stands out and thrives, while influencer Gabriel Desanti will outline how to find happiness in your chosen field.

Also from the Big Apple Tyler Babin of Adobe will be speaking about storytelling, community and culture, as well as protecting your mental health online.

Dublin best selling author and YouTube sensation Melanie Murphy has 800,000 followers and her YouTube views top 60m. She will be sharing her insights into influencer marketing.

“From keynote addresses to intimate conversations the OnlyJustMedia Summit 2020 has been designed so that delegates have access to so many creative and talented people,” said Alan Wallace.

 “This is an essential day for everyone who wants to develop their online presence, as well as all the networking opportunities a day like this presents.”

Among the other speakers will be YouTuber Cody Wanner from Pennsylvania who will talk about creating vlog-style video for business, while content creator Mike Winnet from Warrington will be covering Fast, Easy and non-Sleazy LinkedIn marketing.

Northern Ireland’s Niamh McAuley of Purple Dot Media will outline tips and tricks of video marketing and illusionist and Mentalist Joel M will explain how to make an impact on TikTok as an individual or a business.

The event is sponsored by amazing international and local brands- from Coca Cola, The Body Shop and Estee Lauder, to Tayto, Irish Black Butter and Bullitt Hotel.

Tickets for the OnlyJustMedia Summit which will be hosted by Cool FM presenter and influencer Rebecca McKinney include lunch, snacks and a jam-packed goodie bag, are priced at £100 and available from

At the event delegates will learn:

  • Digital Empathy: How to Build a Social Media Community, Not Just a Following! (ALAN WALLACE, LUCY MCMULLAN)
  • Influencing and Improving: Instagram, Youtube and more… (MELANIE MURPHY, ADRIAN VASQUEZ)
  • Influencer Marketing: How & Why (MELANIE MURPHY, REBECCA MCKINNEY)
  • How to Partner With Micro and Macro-Influencers (MELANIE MURPHY)
  • The Blogger’s Mindset - How To Create 10X Content 10X Faster (LUCY MCMULLAN)
  • Social Media Success - Storytelling, Community and Culture (TYLER BABIN, GABRIEL DESANTI, CODY WANNER)
  • Visual Marketing Tips and Tricks (NIAMH MACAULEY)
  • How to Make an Impact on TikTok : as an Individual or Business (JOEL M)
  • The Power of Podcasting: Creating & Distributing (LUCY MCMULLAN)
  • LinkedIn: Fast, Easy, and Non-Sleazy Marketing (MIKE WINNET, NIAMH MACAULEY)
  • WTF: W(hat) T(o Do With) F(facebook) (LUCY MCMULLAN)
  • Mental Health & Media (TYLER BABIN, GABRIEL DESANTI)
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