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I worked as a Mental Health Nurse but had to become a stay at home parent as one of my four children was a school refuser with severe anxiety. I chose to home school for a period of time, while waiting on a diagnosis of ASD for my child.
I found myself searching for support for my own child, as the available services were not the right "fit" for her, I was also frantically searching for support for her siblings and myself as no one seemed to understand what was going on for our family.
I have volunteered with a group supporting parents of children with SEN and also with a group that delivered Emotional Well-Being Programmes in Primary Schools.
I eventually found Ollie and His Super Powers and decided to train as an Ollie Coach, as it is about building Resilience and Emotional Well-Being in children and young people.
Ollie Coaches are trained in the Ollie Concept and can teach children how to communicate and manage their emotions more effectively at home and in the school environment, we can also support siblings, parents and any individual or organisation that works with children by training them to "Speak Ollie". I am the first Ollie Coach in N Ireland and very much hope that there will be many more in the future.

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