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Mindfulness Connected Learning was established and is directed by Veronica Ellis (BEd (Hons) PQH).
Veronica has been practising mindfulness for 17 years and is dedicated to bringing mindfulness to communities, schools, organisations and individuals. She has completed Mindfulness teacher training with Bangor University, Youth Mindfulness, Glasgow and Mindfulness In Schools Project, Manchester.
Mindfulness is essentially very simple; it simply means to be aware of - in touch with - the present moment. And yet, in cultivating this simple and innate capacity we open up new possibilities for releasing stresses, for connecting more deeply with each moment of life, for relating to ourselves and others in new ways. Mindfulness is not a practice limited to the meditation cushion or something to be done for just 30 minutes a day, rather it is a way of being that can come alive in all situations and all moments of our daily life.
Mindfulness can have a profound and transformative effect for children, adults and organisations by cultivating compassion, self -awareness, joy and resilience.
Veronica teaches adults, children and teenagers as well as children and young adults with learning difficulties.
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