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Mums NI Chocolate Topped Honeycomb

60 Mins

Oh Yum! Do you like honeycomb? We love it, especially this chocolate topped one. Perfect for breaking into shards to place on top of ice-cream treats or cut into chunks just for the pure pleasure of munching.

Adult supervision is required for this recipe as it is quite a hot mixture, so please do be careful.

  • Ingredients

    • 200 gm caster sugar
    • 5 tbsp golden syrup
    • 2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
    • 130 gm chocolate
  • Method

    1. Line a square baking tin with foil
    2. Melt the sugar and golden syrup together over a low heat in a deep sauce pan.
    3. Once melted, turn the heat up just a bit to bring the mixture to a gentle simmer.
    4. Once you have an amber caramel, take it off the heat and pour in the bicarbonate of soda.
    5. arbonate of soda. 4. Mix quickly until the bicarbonate has disappeared and pour into the pre-lined baking tin.
    6. Leave the honeycomb mixture to set in the tin.
    7. Melt the chocolate and let it cool down. Pour the cooled chocolate over the honeycomb.
    8. Allow to set for about 45 mins - 1 hour
    9. Enjoy!
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